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Scroll down below and see all the different ways you can use Standout Clips videos 🔥

Hey, Odeh here from Standout Clips! đź‘‹

You can use our video ads to:
  • Grow your audience.
  • ​Increase engagement.
  • ​Launch a product/service.
  • ​Advertise a new deal/sale (place a coupon inside your video).
  • ​Advertise an event.​
  • ​Promote special occasion deals (Black Friday, Valentines Day, etc).​
  • ​Advertise a new item on your menu.
  • ​A lot lot lot more...
When you're ready to order your first video, browse through our hundreds of pre-made video ad templates (just like the ones you see below).

These are 100% customizable. We will allow you to pick an animation, provide your own marketing message, add an image or a video into the background (or simply let us pick a suitable image or video that fits your business and niche), and order it (takes less than a minute!)⚡

Now, we'll move onto where you can use your videos to get you the results you're looking for.








Paid Ads






Facebook & Instagram Posts

Facebook and Instagram are few of the biggest hotspots for reaching your target audience!

We recommend using the Facebook template on Facebook and the Instagram template on Instagram so that your target audience will be scrolling through their feeds and will immediately be drawn into what looks like just another post... but isn't!

Let's say, for example, you have a coffee shop or restaurant and you're trying to get more people in the door every day.
This video not only captures attention and 
entertains your audience, it also sells the product 
and let's the audience know:
  • They can get a free baked good with any coffee.
This is all without coming across as "sale-sy".
Or how about promoting a 50% sale to your audience? This is the ultimate way to let your posts and restaurant stand out, right?
This Pizza restaurant has the best pizzas in town, and what better way to spread the word about their new '50% off on Tuesdays' deal than with a Standout Clips promo video?!


TikTok Videos

TikTok, it’s dominating social media (and no, it's not just dance videos)!

We should all be trying to increase our presence on TikTok, but how do we do that?

Well, we need to understand the audience on TikTok before we post any videos.

Videos absolutely need to be:
  • Short
  •  Engaging
  • Entertaining
So, how about promoting a Black Friday sale to your audience? Quite possibly the most important time of the year to stand out, right?

Order fun & entertaining holiday videos just like this one! Place a coupon inside the video to capitalize on the extra traffic.
Use an attention-grabbing animation to stop them scrolling, and then place a strong call to action (such as "Scroll down and learn more") in the text section to drive your marketing objective.


LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn is a great B2B social media platform and standing out from the crowd there would require something unique that grabs attention!

And this is what Standout Clips can help you with! Our videos are compatible with LinkedIn as well as any other social media platform.

Let's say, for example, you sell digital marketing services and you're trying to get more clients and close more deals on a regular basis.
This video not only captures attention and 
pop out on people's screens, it also sells the service and let's the audience:
  • Enjoy the animation that aligns with the text.
  • ​Know about the services you are offering.
This is all without coming across as "sale-sy".


Facebook & Instagram Ad Compliant

Or how about creating a generic social media video with no social icons or brand assets to any specific platform? Standout Clips can do that for you!
Upon creating an order on Standout Clips, you will be asked to select the purpose of using our videos. 

If you select the "Paid advertising" option, we will deliver compliant videos that are %100 FB & IG ad-friendly.

The main objective of the animations is to capture attention, and it doesn't necessarily need to be an object from your industry. If you can get people looking at your video - you've achieved your goal!
Our 'Ad-Friendly' videos are compatible for paid advertising on any social media platform. This will remove any platform specific branding assets and will instead look like a generic template (perfect for running video advertisments).

This is a huge opportunity for you. Everyone is:
  • Paying more and more for ads (while getting LESS traffic).
  • Getting lower engagement than ever before (driving up ad costs even more).
  • ​Struggling to make ads profitable.
  • ​Fighting for the SAME ad space, with the SAME type of ads.
The good news? With one TINY change, you can be taking over with videos that sell your products for you!
Our video ad templates not only capture attention unlike ANYTHING else on the market, they sell more of your product or service by showcasing it inside that very same video.
Target your exact audience with Facebook & Instagram Ads using Standout Clips videos and out-perform your competition in every way imaginable.


Show Off Your Products on Your Online Store

As eCommerce continues to boom, more and more online store owners are looking for a way to rise above their competitors.
How do you get more attention (...and customers)?
Standout Clips can help!
Showcase coupons and discount codes in your videos to boost sales from the increased engagement that these videos get on social media!
Ditch the social post layout, and feature your product behind one of our 1,000+ attention-grabbing animations.


Your Website

Just like we have on our homepage,, showcase your videos to show off your brand!
Upload them directly to YouTube, Vimeo or any other video hosting platform!

Designed For Everybody's 
Definition Of 'Growth' 🚀

Some of the niches and industries that we serve

Local Businesses

Improve brand perception, while increasing foot traffic for your walk-in business.

Special Occasions

Promote sales for end of seasons, Christmas, Black Friday, or any ongoing offer like a pro.

Digital Marketers

Get more audit and proposal requests with videos that are designed to convert.

Ecommerce Brands

Your promotions need to stand out just as much as your products. Breakout today.

Software Companies

Bring your application or software to life and get more downloads and free trial sign-ups.


Showcase your work and expertise and get more prospects to sign-up.
Skyrocketing your website traffic, engagement
and sales are just a video away.

Pattern-Interrupt Technology That's Leveraged By Big Brands

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do Standout Clips videos perform so well?
Standout Clips has “pattern-interrupt” technology baked into it so that you’re able to avoid banner blindness and stand out from the crowd in any social platform for a direct increase in traffic, leads and sales. 

These world-first 3D animation videos are now accessible to every single marketer without needing to custom code, edit or outsource 3D animation. But it gets even better – you get to customize the post behind your 3D animation! 

Naturally, the animation draws attention. Prospects see your product/service in the same video they're glued to. 

This is free advertising once you get their attention!
Will Facebook and Instagram approve these video ads?
Yes! On our order form, you can identify your purpose for using our videos for paid advertising. When we create those videos for you, we'll take that into consideration and they'll be fully compliant for paid advertising!
What if I can't find animations for my business?
We have over 1,000+ animations inside Standout Clips. The animation itself doesn't necessarily need to be an object from your industry. The main objective of the animations are to capture attention, and you can request inserting images, video, or text for your product or service behind it.

If you can get people looking at your video - you've achieved your goal! You can view all the examples on the homepage – most of them aren’t related to a specific industry but they get your attention, right?
What about support & updates?
The Socializer & Dominator plans are covered with a full-time support team that's on hand to answer and resolve any questions you have! Although the Starter plan has regular non-priority support, we try to be responsive in a timely manner too! 

We update the platform with new features & templates regularly! You'll be notified via email with all new templates and updates, so you will always have fresh content for your business!
How many videos can I purchase at once?
Generally speaking, you can purchase as many videos as you need with no restrictions! On our regular order form, you can purchase up to 10 videos. There's a different form for orders above 10 videos.

If you're interested in reselling our videos to your clients, you can check out our white-label program here! 
Is there a discount for multiple-video orders?
HECK YEAH! Our regular pricing per video is $35. If you're ordering 2-9 videos, the cost per video would be $30 - That's 14% savings! Additionally, for orders above 10 videos, the cost per video would be $25 - That's 28% savings!

For custom Enterprise solutions, please contact us at!
Are Standout Clips videos ad-friendly?
Definitely! At Standout Clips, we offer different video categories for two main purposes; Engagement purposes and Paid Advertising purposes!

If you're planning to use our videos for social media paid advertising, it's advised to let us know so we can submit the correct form that will make your video assets compliant for paid advertising on Facebook & Instagram!
What will happen after I complete and pay for my order?
​Once you complete the order form, you're good to go! ​After the invoice is paid, we’ll reach out via email with any questions we may have about your order, and once we’re confident we 100% understand exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll get started on your videos. 
How long would it take to deliver my ordered videos?
​Due to a high volume of orders, there might be a 1 to 2 day processing period between when you place the order and when we begin submitting your videos.

Usually, we do our best to deliver in the same day! You can learn more about our delivery policy here.
Do I need to provide my own image or video assets?
After submitting your order, you can reach out to us via email with any image or video asset you'd like to show in your video. If you don't have any, don't even think about it! We will create it for you, [FOR FREE!]

We have a variety of photo & stock footage library that can serve any business! TEST US...
What is the marketing message and who should write it?
The marketing message is the actual text that will be shown in the video. It can be an announcement, a new product release, an offer, a coupon code, or whatever you want to pop up on your dream customers' screens!

If you're not sure what to write, we have in-house copywriting experts that can help with that - [FOR FREE!] 
Do you accept order cancellations and refunds?
We accept order cancellations and refunds within 12 hours of creating the order - AS LONG AS THE VIDEOS ARE NOT DELIVERED! 

If there's any problem related to the quality of the video or if we couldn't meet your expectations even after several revisions, we will issue you a refund, with no questions asked! Learn more about our refund policy here.
What's the best way to communicate with you?
There are several ways you can get in touch with us. You can either use our chat pop-up in the bottom right corner of the screen, drop us a line by filling out the contact form, or reach out to us directly via email at
Do you have a white-label program?
YES WE DO! Our white-label reseller program allows you to copy our entire business model (FOR FREE) and use it under your own brand name, including all funnels and emails, with only one click using an innovative software called Clickfunnels!

Additionally, our highly skilled animators will create you creative 3D video ads that you can resell to your clients for potentially 2-5x the wholesale price! You can learn more about our white-label program here!

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Join Our Newsletter & Never Miss An Offer Or A Discount

Join Our Newsletter & Never Miss An Offer Or A Discount

We promise not to spam you or misuse your information
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